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Living Room Inspiration

Our living room serves a dual purpose — to entertain and relax. Keeping it simple is a priority. Envision a calming space with neutral tones, woven accents, and fresh greenery mixed in with your favorite accent colors and patterns. Sound inspiring? How about some fresh living room inspiration to get our juices flowing?

Living Room Design Inspiration

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The Flow-down

What does your ideal living room look and feel like? Do you prefer upholstery or leather? A wool or natural fiber rug? How much seating do you need for family and guests? Are you surrounded by visually appealing decor? Design your living room with your unique lifestyle in mind. And as you toss around ideas, be sure to check back often. I’ll be adding more living room design inspiration soon!

I hope each of the feel-good nuggets I share gently nudges you to create some positive habits — to manifest a simpler, happier life. And when you need lifestyle + wellness inspiration, I’ll be here — thrilled to share everything I’ve learned with you. Thanks for hanging with me, y’all. I’m crazy-happy you’re here. ♡

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