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Learning how to up our wellness game with food, fitness, and a few additional lifestyle habits are the recipe to a long fulfilling life. While healthy habits nourish our body and soul, there are a few things we should consider eliminating/limiting. Plastic, artificial fragrances, and nonstick cooking products are a few of those things. Read on to discover some healthy swaps.

• Veggies + Fruit = Good Energy

It all starts with food. What we put into our bodies on a daily basis is the single most important thing we can do for our health. To learn what the latest evidence-based studies are showing that will help us make the healthiest food choices, be sure to visit NutritionFacts.org. It’s an invaluable resource. We are what we eat, so let’s not be fast, cheap, or fake. Shall we feed disease or fight it? It’s time to nourish and flourish, y’all.

• Fitness = Good Energy

Considered the mind, body, spirit trifecta, yoga is about adopting a non-judgemental stance of ourselves and others. It’s about balance, flexibility, and letting go of the ego. No matter your fitness style choice, moving daily is the ultimate goal.

• Laughter = Good Energy

Laughter is proven to strengthen our immune system and protect us from the damaging effects of stress. As a matter of fact, a good belly laugh leaves our muscles relaxed for up to forty-five minutes. It not only decreases stress hormones and increases infection-fighting antibodies, but it also improves the function of blood vessels which protects us from heart attacks. And THAT ain’t no joke.

• Music = Good Energy

Music fosters flow. Flow is when our thoughts and feelings are in perfect harmony. Neuroscience has proven music actually alters our brain chemistry and the production of cytokines, immunoglobulin A, and other components of a healthy immune system. Music is life; that’s why our hearts have beats. 🎶

• Eliminating Plastic = Good Energy

Plastic was invented in 1907 from a toxic crystalline obtained from coal tar called phenol as well as a proven carcinogen called formaldehyde. Plastic containers are made from phthalates which interfere with our body’s endocrine system, thereby causing adverse developmental, reproductive, and neurological damage. Plastic is not biodegradable. It pollutes our air, water, and soil which compromises our food and ultimately health.

As a matter of fact, plastic Ziplocs, grocery bags, and water bottles are the most common offenders because they’re usually tossed after a single use. With this in mind, it’s time we consider replacing our toxic plastic products with higher quality silicone, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and wood/bamboo products. When we purchase products for keeps rather than one-time use and toss, we save money, the environment, and lives.

• Natural Fragrance = Good Energy

Obviously, we all love a home that smells good. There are a ton of artificially fragranced products on the market to oblige us. However, despite their pleasing smell, artificial air fresheners have been found to release toxic levels of pollutants. For this reason, I prefer the air freshening goodness of essential oil diffusers paired with Plant Therapy essential oils.

Learn How to Up Your Wellness Game

Additionally, most candles are made of paraffin wax. When burned, paraffin wax creates highly toxic benzene and toluene which are the same toxins found in diesel fuel! If you love candles, it would be wise to select a cleaner soy wax or vegetable wax option.

• Non-Toxic Pans = Good Energy

Nonstick pans are another swap-out to consider. When heated, nonstick coatings release fifteen toxic gases and chemicals, including two carcinogens. These toxins leach into the food we’re preparing. After researching ad nauseam, I found Lodge cookware to be the most non-toxic option.

How To Up Your Wellness Game

• Environmental Working Group = Good Energy

Are you aware of the toxic ingredients that might be lurking in the household and beauty products you use? An easy way to find out is by bookmarking ewg.org. EWG makes it easy to research which products you might need to swap for healthier options.

In Gratitude…

I’m grateful you shared some time with me today, learning how to up your wellness game. Be sure to check out the menu at the top of the page to access stimulating decor and style inspiration, personal growth insight, thought-provoking books, powerful documentaries, and refreshing blog posts. ♡