kitchen island with hand painted tile, wood and iron swivel counter stools, and copper pendants

Kitchen Inspiration

When I think of kitchen design inspiration, the first thing I envision is a big island surrounded by bar stools and cherry-topped with visually interesting pendants — a space where everyone loves to gather for sips + snacks. I mean seriously, no matter how many chairs you have around the dining table, everyone gravitates to the island, right? So, if you happen to be rethinking your kitchen design, I’ve curated some fun ideas to get your juices flowing.

There is something magical about a kitchen full of family, music, tacos, and tequila. –Am-I-right?

Kitchen Design Inspiration

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There are so many creative ideas to play with! Our next project includes painting our island a rich shade of coffee (SW – Black Bean) to contrast with our ivory (SW – Swiss Coffee) cabinets. And let’s not forget there are practical design solutions to consider, as well. Like, concealing small appliances in a special cupboard outfitted with outlets to provide a much cleaner aesthetic. Can you guess what the next project on my list might be?

The Flow-Down

Our kitchens truly are the hearts of our homes. Before you pull the trigger on kitchen design inspiration, think about your lifestyle. Do you frequently entertain? Are you a gourmet chef? How much storage do you need? From countertops, cabinets, and hardware, to lighting and appliances, it’s key to design your kitchen with your particular lifestyle in mind. I’ll be adding more ideas as I root around my favorite sites, so be sure to check back soon. Until then, keep those creative juices flowing — and by juices, I mean tacos + tequila! –xo

*Featured Image | Melissa Marie Interiors

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