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Home Office Inspiration

I’m trying to get my systems in place for our littlest guy’s transition to distance learning. As we closed-out the end of the school year, it was a free-for-all over here. We made Lord of the Flies seem tame. There were days my third-grader and I wouldn’t get started on school work until 3PM. We never quite found our rhythm. My goal this year is structure: a fixed learning schedule, a dedicated space for him to focus and virtually interact with his teacher — and a productive workspace for me, too. Of course, this fantasy led me down a home-office-workspace-inspiration rabbit hole. So, if you’re heading down a similar path, come on in, this rabbit hole is big enough for the both of us.

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Home Office Inspiration

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Kids’ Homework Stations

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The Flow-Down

Let’s be realistic. Our distance learning situation might get off to a rocky start. These are unchartered, choppy waters. But, we will find our groove… eventually. I think if we curate thoughtful workspaces for our kids and ourselves it will be a much smoother transition. If we make each space special with personalized artwork, a cute potted succulent, an organized system for supplies, a posted schedule for lunch, snacks, and stretching, and essential oil diffusers filled to the brim with orange oil (shown to ease anxiety), we can kickstart this unique production with a bang. –Happy homeschooling, y’all. …And may the force be with us.

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