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3 Healthy Home Swaps

Ten years. That’s how long I suffered while an autoimmune condition wreaked havoc on my body. I visited countless doctors who ran numerous tests. All determined I was fine. I was not fine. Sick and frustrated, I gathered up every study related to my symptoms, and set out to heal myself. I ultimately partnered with a functional medicine doctor who explained that my body was reacting to a toxic paraben + phthalates + sulfate overload. Thanks to a few dietary changes and these 3 Healthy Home Swaps, I was able to heal my mind, body, and soul.

Make your health great again.

3 Healthy Home swaps

healthy home swaps

Swap 1 | Plastic

BPA — found in plastic water bottles and canned food, is a synthetic hormone that imitates estrogen in the body. Studies link BPA to breast cancer, reproductive challenges, obesity, and heart disease. To minimize BPA exposure, stay away from plastic. Use stainless steel or glass instead, and look for BPA-free canned food.

Phthalates — also in plastic food containers, can be found in children’s toys. Be especially careful when buying baby teethers or any toy that might end up in their mouths.

Optimizing our health requires us to stop using plastic shopping bags, plastic storage bags, and plastic water bottles. Instead, swap plastic for these options:

nylon shopping bags in various prints and patterns

Swap 2 | Artificial Fragrance

We all love a home that smells good. The problem is there are shelves full of harmful artificially fragranced products for sale in our stores. Scientists have found artificial air fresheners release toxic levels of pollutants into our homes. This can cause a plethora of health issues.

If you’re a candle lover like me, please read the labels. When burned, paraffin wax creates highly toxic benzene and toluene — the same toxins found in diesel fuel! So, if you love burning candles, be sure to buy soy or vegetable wax options.

Many makeup products also carry phthalates, so avoid products that contain artificial fragrance. Stick with all-natural products. Phthalates also wreak hormonal havoc. Studies link phthalates with cancer, birth defects, and thyroid issues.

Avoiding the health problems artificially fragranced products create requires we stop using paraffin wax candles and artificially fragranced plugins and aerosols. Instead, swap for these options:

lulu candles spiced vanilla soy candle

Swap 3 | Nonstick cookware

Nonstick pans are another swap to consider. When heated, nonstick coatings release fifteen toxic gases and chemicals, including two carcinogens. These toxins leach into the food we prepare. —Yuck.

The healthiest choice is to get rid of non-stick cookware with toxic chemicals: PFOA, PFAS, PFOS, PFBS. If your non-stick cookware is older, chances are it’s coated with these harmful chemicals. Instead, swap them with these options:

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Cast Iron Skillets

Lodge cast iron dutch oven

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The Flow-Down

The easiest way to determine whether or not your household and beauty products contain toxic ingredients is to head over to the Environmental Working Group. They offer an up-to-date list of EWG Certified nontoxic products. The path to optimizing our health is kicking plastic, artificial fragrance, and nonstick cookware to the curb. No more toxic mojo. –Cheers to improved health! –xo

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