eclectic gallery wall with blue breakfast banquette

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Full Disclosure: I don’t own any fine art. I appreciate art, but much prefer filling my walls with photographs of people I love. Fortunately, my great-grandmother + grandmother were vigilant about preserving family photos. Like their homes I grew up in, our home is peppered with the faces of several generations. Besides honoring those we love, these familial gallery walls make for entertaining conversation. It’s fun to watch my boys peer at photos of their great-great-great-grandparents and imagine what kind of people they were. And it gives me the perfect opportunity to pass down the stories I was told. Recently, I decided to add another photo collage to our family room. And while figuring out the perfect configuration, I pulled together and decided to share this gallery wall inspiration. You know, in case you’re thinking of designing one, too. ♡

Life is art, after all.


Gallery Wall INspiration

gallery wall of black and white photos in black frames with two woven stools, and a black and white cat perched on a glass coffee table
Studio McGee
gallery wall of black and white photos hung over a vintage bar with a tray of liquor and vase of flowers
Architectural Digest
gallery wall of twelve black and white photos in white frames hanging over a rustic bench with a row of shoes lined-up below
Making It In the Mountains
gallery wall of black and white photos in white frames
A Mix of Min

…And by the way, gallery walls aren’t just for photos. Hanging your prized art, whether fine or fingerpainted, adds so much warmth and creativity to a space.

eclectic gallery wall of art in different shapes and sizes hanging over a woman and king charles cavalier sitting on a gold settee with a guitar propped against it
Pearl Lowe
twelve clipboards of various artwork hung on the wall over a vintage chest of drawers with a stack of books and vase of white flowers
small gallery wall of four black and white sketches in black frames hung vertically adjacent to an antique halltree
Lauren Leiss
gallery wall of paintings in different types of frames hanging over a built-in window seat, featuring a woman with a guitar and her white labrador
Wit & Delight
leather armchair and large edison bulb pendant with an eclectic gallery wall of mixed sizes and shapes
Cup of Jo
eclectic gallery wall of mixed sizes
Source | Pinterest

One of my very favorite spaces to create gallery walls is in dining rooms and breakfast areas. What better breaking-the-bread conversation starter is there than a display of unique photographs and art?

L-shaped slate blue velvet banquette wrapped around a square wood table with an eclectic grouping of art hung gallery-style
small breakfast table and four chairs with a large gallery wall of black and white photos in black frames
Decor Lovin

Creating little pockets of joy around our homes is the ultimate goal, right? And what better way to inject happiness into a space than with personal photos, kids’ art, or even a series of torn pages from our favorite books? Whether you’re thinking custom framint or DIY, Framebridge and IKEA are great resources. (Check my SHOP page for any current deals.) What special people, places, and things could you coordinate into a collage? Look no further than your photo albums, scrapbooks, and bookshelves to find unique gallery wall inspiration right under your nose.

*Featured Image | BHG

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