dining room with Edison bulb pendant, gallery wall, rectangular wood table and chairs

Dining Room Inspiration

Does anyone use formal dining rooms anymore? When I was an interior stylist, many builders I worked with were excluding formal dining from their plans altogether. I personally thought it was a great idea as very few of my clients utilized their formal dining space at all. Most of the homes we’ve owned have had formal dining areas, but we only used them every other Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our current home has a breakfast room and an outdoor eating area, so we pop back and forth depending on our mood. –Gotta love Cali weather. I choose casual over formal any day. And I’m always poking around for fresh dining room design inspiration. From lighting to tables, chairs, patterns, textures, and gallery walls, these are some of my favorite dining room finds.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.

Dining Room DESIGN INspiration

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The Flow-Down

As I reflect on our lifestyle pre-pandemic, I think about how our family was usually scattered during dinner time. Our boys had evening basketball and soccer practices, so jiving our meals was a challenge. If nothing else, this pandemic has allowed us to dial back our schedules so we can routinely gather again. –Which makes this mama super grateful.

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