Fashion is a revolving door. I state this as a woman who used to wear dresses with combat boots. 

Most of us are dressing more casually than ever. But, we can only wear leggings so many days in a row, right?  

Honing in on our personal style and all its nuance requires some soul searching. Are the pieces in our closet a true reflection of our personality?  

I’m a fashion minimalist. If I showed you my closet, you’d most likely ask where my clothes are. Too many options stress me out. I have a capsule wardrobe of flared denim, tunics, Birkenstocks, and clogs. My soul is clearly trapped in the 60’s. 

Discovering our personal style requires trusting our instincts. Does the fabric feel good? Does it fit properly? Do the colors jive with our skin tone? How do different patterns work with our silhouette? Each and every piece in our closet should make us feel beautiful. 

So, if your personal style happens to include casual and relaxed versions of layered cotton with chakra balancing accessories, welcome to the jungle. 

buy less. choose well.