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Casual Outfits For Our New Normal

To say life is indefinitely dialed-down would be an understatement. Most of us are spending a majority of time working and playing from home. And with that, we’re dressing more casually than ever. After fifty trips around the sun and embracing the laid back Southern California vibe, I feel I’ve cornered the market on casual. I spent far too many years sacrificing comfort for fashion. So, at this stage of the game, if it doesn’t feel good, it’s gonna be a no from me, Dogg. Like many, I’m aiming for comfort without frump. With a little imagination and Pinterest inspiration, we can manifest some comfortable yet stylish casual outfits for our new normal.

casual fashion

Style is not a display of wealth, but an expression of imagination.

The Flow-Down

Let’s be real… Lululemon is where it’s at. Their Align pants are the softest, most comfortable bottoms to have ever covered my backside. But, there are times I don’t want to acknowledge I’ve worn them every day for a week –without doing a single pose of yoga. So when I’m feeling the need to up my casual game, it’s the Madewell wide-leg jeans, graphic tees, and colorful chakra balancing bracelets that take center stage. Shopping sites like Anthropologie, Free People, Madewell and Nordstrom/Rack help to creatively converge classic pieces with interesting accessories.

Dressing casually doesn’t have to be boring. Simply layering our casual staples like leggings, denim, tees, sweatshirts, and cardigans with interesting earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bags can seamlessly take our fashion game from frumpy pandemic to stylistically alchemic. –xo

I hope each of the feel-good nuggets I share nudges you to manifest flow within your mind, body, and soul. And when you need lifestyle, design, fashion, food, and relationship inspiration, I'll be here - thrilled to share everything I've learned with you. Thanks for flowing with me, y'all. I'm crazy-happy you're here. -Julie

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