Let’s kick this off with a truth bomb: I’m a terrible cook. I’m not terrible because I cook pitiful tasting food, I’m terrible because I loathe doing it. I’m a culinary dodger. But, I’m also a mom — of picky eaters. Finding healthy food and recipe ideas to satisfy everyone is a never-ending quest.

For years, creating a family meal plan was the bane of my existence. Everyone’s preferences are different, so I fell into the short order cook grind. It was exhausting. Preparing four unique meals multiple times per day was no bueno.

I came to my senses a few years ago. Four people, same meal. Easy-peasy.

Although I personally gravitate toward a plant-based diet, my boys are less enthusiastic. I’ve learned to approach meal prep with the motto: protein is seasoning. So, our main dish might be zucchini, peas, and mushrooms with basmati rice or pasta, seasoned with finely chopped protein.

Sadly, they haven’t fired me. …Yet. 

I spend more time researching healthy food and recipe ideas than I’d like to admit. There are failures. But, there are victories, too. So, I’ll share the truly delicious culinary victories with you here. –I mean seriously, if cauliflower can become pizza, we can do anything, right?

a healthy outside starts inside