Relaxed Living Room Design

What does your dream living room look and feel like? How much seating do you need for family and guests? Is your furniture balanced and arranged in the most functional way? What kind of decorative elements do you envision in this space? It's important to address the...

Kitchen Design Inspiration

What’s your idea of the perfect kitchen? Mine is centered around a huge island with lots of stools, cherry-topped with large, visually interesting woven pendants.

Casual Dining Room Ideas

Considering how casual our lifestyles have become, it only makes sense to seek casual dining room inspiration. Besides, formal dining rooms gather dust 363 days a year anyway. Not to mention, all the guests gravitate around the kitchen island.Dining Room Design...

Fresh Home Office Design

Our family needs four structured workspaces to succeed. Creating these spaces is easier said than done. So, I ventured down a home office  kids' workspace inspiration rabbit hole to forage ideas and I'm sharing my finds with you.Home Office Design Inspiration Fresh,...

Shop – Natural Fiber Rugs

Thinking about investing in a new rug? Have you considered shopping natural fiber rugs? Their earthy texture lends a relaxed, easy vibe to any space. And their higher-than-average durability makes them a practical choice, too. The most popular types of natural fiber...

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls tell a story, are visually interesting and cost a fraction of what a fine art collection would set you back. And the best part about gallery walls? They make you feel happy. What better way to inject happiness into a space than with a collage of personal...

5 Tips to Create Feng Shui

Does your home feel out of balance? Do you feel stagnant areas that should be livened up? If so, it might be time for Feng Shui. Give these tried and true 5 Tips to Create Feng Shui a whirl and feel the fresh vibes flow.5 Tips to Create Feng Shui1. Tidy Your Entry...

3 Tips to Living Clutter-Free

The decluttering process begins by perusing each room of your home. Scan every wall, corner, nook and cranny. Pay close attention to where your eyes hesitate. This hesitation is showing you where you need less. These 3 Tips to Live Clutter-Free will be the simple...

Organization How To

The key to organization is eliminating visual noise, so the pieces you love and find useful are allowed to shine.

Finding Creative Solitude

Ever dream of a studio retreat where you can meditate, read, write and create in solitude? Me, too. Studies show spending time in creative solitude is linked to increased happiness, better life satisfaction and improved stress management. Creative solitude also sparks...

Our lifestyles have shifted over the last year or so. We’re spending more thoughtful time within the walls of our homes. Focus on design is more important to us than ever. If you’re wanting to make changes and need inspiration to design your perfect space, you’ll find easy-to-apply design tips and tricks here.

Design Quote, Kerry Gillette

A well-curated home delivers a vibe of tranquility and peace. Designing your happy place requires imagination, thoughtful planning and patience. Design-inspired guidance is peppered throughout these articles. They’re meant to inspire you to thoughtfully curate your home design through visual inspiration and tried and true design planning.


For beginners, kick start your design project by mapping the scale and balance of your furniture. Then, pay close attention to the way natural light casts in the room. The real fun begins by adding layers of texture and pattern with comfortable seating, interesting objects, fresh greenery and at least one heirloom. This tried and true design formula hasn’t failed me yet.


Ultimately, our home is meant to be an escape hatch from the world’s frenetic fray. Everyone should have a calming space where they can dial down and get away from it all. I hope these articles help you do just that. -xo


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