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The benefits of listening to podcasts range from absorbing new concepts to learning new skills. Some podcasts lean toward educational, political, or comedic content, while others investigate true crime. The following are a few of the inspiring conversations evoking our interest, touching our hearts, and sharpening our mindsets.

Podcasts Accommodate Multitasking

You might think it’s easy to complete tasks while scanning your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube feed, but there is no match for what you can accomplish while listening to a podcast. Cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, working out, or commuting doesn’t require a lot of brain power. This is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the enlightening subject matter delivered via podcasts.

Podcasts Stimulate Intellect

Enjoying a podcast fosters a deeper use of imagination and intellect. You find yourself engrossed in what feels like a personalized connection. There’s a sense you’re listening to a speaker who created the content especially for you. This cultivates better absorption and retention of the material presented.

Podcasts Are Free

The vast majority of podcasts are one hundred percent free. There are no monthly memberships or fees to remove ads. Listening and learning for free while completing mundane tasks is a huge win in my eyes… and ears.

The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

There are a plethora of topics from which to choose by simply accessing Apple Podcasts and searching your interests to your heart’s desire.

In Gratitude…

I’m grateful you shared some creative time with me today, learning about the benefits of listening to podcasts. Be sure to check out the menu at the top of the page to access stimulating decor and style inspiration, wellness tips, personal growth insight, thought-provoking books, and refreshing blog posts. ♡