3bar energy bars in cocoa crunch and tropical-tri

3BAR — My New Snack Obsession

I recently reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen in thirty years. We hustled our way through college while waiting tables together. Erin was always fit and über wise about nutrition. While I was partying during my free time, she was running marathons — and still is as a triathlete. I should have known her next level fitness + nutrition would fulfill some big dreams. She’s currently the Founder + CEO of 3BAR — my new snack obsession!

I was inspired by clients and friends to make my grandmother’s famous homemade cookies into a healthier and more balanced, vegan-friendly snack. Over the next few years, I would make these “cookies” in my kitchen. I continued to study nutrition and eventually became certified as a Nutritional Consultant and a certified Sports NUTRITION Consultant. My bar eventually grew out of my kitchen and into the mouths of many athletes, busy parents, and kids.

-Erin DeMarines, 3BAR CEO

3BAR Energy Bars — My NEW SNACK Obsession

3bar my new snack obsession

The 3 in 3BAR represents the three macros needed for a nutritionally sound product. 3BAR has 13 grams of protein, 21 grams of good for you carbs (meaning they don’t come from sugar), and 0 trans fats.

3bar energy bars

Plant Based

Soy Free

Wheat Free

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Trans Fat Free

Cholesterol Free

100% Natural

3BAR Energy Bars currently come in two delicious flavors:

TROPICAL-TRI (my personal fave) is a flavorful blend of almond butter, dark chocolate, and coconut.

COCOA CRUNCH (runs a tight race with my fave) is a delectable blend of dark chocolate and peanut butter.

3Bar my new favorite snack, two free bars

The Flow-Down

We’re all super busy. Between Google Hangouts, parenting, remote learning, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between, the stress brings on unhealthy urges. Stocking up on 3BAR Energy Bars satisfies our cravings while keeping our wellness in check. Did I mention almond butter, dark chocolate, and coconut? Ah. Mah.Gah! –xo

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