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3 Tips to Live Clutter-free

Is your closet overflowing? Does your entry resemble a shoe store? How much mail is piled on your countertop? When is the last time you checked the pantry for expired products? A cluttered home lowers your vibration, while a well organized home raises your vibration. –And supercharges your productivity. With these 3 Tips to Live Clutter-free, a happier, decluttered lifestyle is just a few steps away.

If you arrive home to a ‘clean’ home, but still aren’t able to relax, you probably need to declutter. Clutter mentally wears us down. Neurologically, our eyes need space to rest. Otherwise, we become visually overwhelmed, leaving us feeling exhausted. The aesthetic chaos subconsciously sucks the energy right out of us.


-Joshua Becker

3 tips to live clutter-free

assess release refresh

Begin your decluttering project by perusing each room of your home. Scan every wall, corner, nook, and cranny. Pay attention to where your eyes hesitate. The hesitation is showing you where you need less.

Your mind will wage a battle with you. Prepare for internal conflict.

“But, I paid way too much to let this go… I’ll eventually lose weight… But, my mother-in-law gave it to me…”

Ignore the monkey-mind.

3 Tips to Live Clutter-Free

With these three simple steps, you’ll get your home in tip-top shape.

3 Tips to Live Clutter-free

 1 | Assess Each Room

Assess your belongings and their placement within your home. Ask, “Do I love you? Do I use you? If I discovered you right now, would I buy you?”

Whether it’s a hand-me-down chair that irks you every time you walk past it, the dress in your closet you skip over because it doesn’t fit, or a vase your mother-in-law gave you that suits her taste, but not yours — if you have negative feelings toward anything in your home, get rid of it.

2 | Release The Clutter

Containers with missing lids and clothes with broken zippers are not adding value to your life. But, books you’ve read and clothes you don’t wear could add value to someone else’s. Sell or donate the good stuff. Ditch what can’t be fixed.

And don’t forget about paper files and receipts. Block a weekend to scan, upload, and shred them. It might seem like a daunting task, but think of the scenario where your home is in the path of a natural disaster. Would your paper files and receipts survive? Most likely not. Dropbox + Google Drive are your new best friends.

3 | Refresh + Reconnect

Clean everything. Shine picture frames, dust objects and shelves, etc. Refreshing each piece restores your connection to it. –Maybe it’s not the sofa you dislike, maybe you need new throw pillows. Maybe you’ve added too many tchotchkes to the bookcase and need to pair down. Sometimes we think we need expensive changes when a simple scrub and refresh will do.

Out with the old, In with the few.

If you don’t find a place for every single item you own from the moment it enters your life, your organization system will be doomed.

3 Tips to Live Clutter-free

Common areas

Pay attention to the areas where you and your family dump things. When things are strewn all over the place it’s because you don’t have a designated space for them to go. Create attractive and intuitive storage solutions like hooks in your mudroom or entry for jackets and dog leashes. Store keys, mail, and wallets in strategically placed baskets. Shoe cubbies are a great clutter-free addition, too.


Making your bed sets the tone for your day. It’s psychologically proven to give you a sense of accomplishment before you dive into your day. Think about how great it feels to check into a nice hotel. It’s easy to create that same vibe at home. –And clear your nightstand of all unnecessary items. Replace the clutter with a potted plant, scented candle, and a framed photo. Tuck books, readers, and lotions in a drawer.


One of the most common things women become bogged down with is toiletries and cosmetics. I have friends who have hundreds of items spread across their bathroom vanities. After ditching the beauty concoctions you don’t use or are expired, organize the keepers out-of-sight in your vanity drawers and cabinets. –And the best way to keep from overloading again, is to use-up all the product before buying a new one.


Most people have overstuffed closets full of clothes they rarely wear. Why not create a closet that resembles a perfectly curated boutique? Only hang pieces you love and wear. Organize them by garment type. And using uniform hangers in your closet changes your life! (Some say I’m dramatic. I say, “Whatever.”) Seriously, haphazard wire hangers mixed with chunky plastic hangers is a frustrating cluster — not to mention an eyesore. Invest in flocked hangers. They’re great for keeping those unruly garments in place and they’re so, so pretty.


When you purge your pantry of expired food, rather than throwing oit out, compost it. –It all adds up, y’all. The edible food you no longer want can be dropped off at your local food bank. –Win-win! I’ve found the best way to organize my pantry is with clear containers. This way, I know when I’m running low.

Be sure to check out these creative and clutter-free pantry, closet, and home office organization ideas: Organization Inspiration for Your Pantry, Closet, and Home Office.

The Flow-Down

Spend some time deciding which things should stay or go and whether to sell, donate, or ditch. Then, clean and organize the keepers.

Storing things under your bed, at the top of your closet, or renting a unit is not a solution. Out of sight is not out of mind. You pay for that physical and mental storage one way or another. Free-up your home + mind by simply letting it go. –xo

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