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3 Steps to Well-Being

Clearly, we’re living in turbulent times — a pandemic, recession, and civil unrest imbroglio. This can translate to prolonged bouts of stress, anxiety, and depression. My subconscious needs a reprieve. Yours, too? I researched the psychological effects of societal distress, which prompted me to share these 3 Steps to Well-Being. I think all of us could benefit from a few cognitive cues to help boost our mood.

If we move through our day with an open awareness of the many good things around us, we correct the brain’s built-in negativity bias.

-Dr.. Rick Hanson

3 steps to well-being

unplug | 3 steps to well-being

1 | Step to Well-Being • limit the news

We aren’t designed for a continuous 24/7 overload of bad news we have little to no control over. Negative programming manipulates our brains. As a result, it causes us to feel despair, hopelessness, and anger. If we limit our viewing to thirty minutes per day, we’re more prone to keeping our well-being in check.

2 | Step to well-Being • curb scrolling

Studies have shown social media actually turns-off our brains. Throw some misinformation and controversial posts into the mix and it parlays our subconscious into heightened anxiety. We need to learn how to use social media mindfully. Limiting social media exposure to thirty minutes a day can curb our negative thoughts and free-up time for positive activities that actually nurture our well-being.

3 | Step to Well-Being • Add melatonin

Are you familiar with natural melatonin? It’s the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle. A study at Stanford found our bodies can create additional melatonin by activating our brain’s pineal gland. All we have to do is look towards the sun, with our eyes closed, for a minimum of three minutes per day. The sunlight penetrates our eyelids, releasing neurotransmitters that balance our brain chemistry. No supplements needed. Pretty cool, right?

yellow arrow | 3 steps to well-being

the flow-down

Our lives have topsy-turvied in a relatively short period of time. Stressful times call for heightened self-care. I believe this is a massive value check. We’ve learned what we really need and what we can live without. I think banishing our electronics and heading outdoors for some sunshine + sweat will help throw our anxiety to the wind. And for an even deeper dive into wellness, 10% Happier by Dan Harris is like icing on the ol’ well-being cake. Creating positive daily habits is the detour our brains are craving to help cope with all the cray. –xo

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