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Good JuJu means good energy. Learning how to create good energy within our home promotes balance and harmony which ultimately manifests in our health, relationships, and career. Our home should be a sanctuary, a place to retreat from the world and feel centered. By embracing a few simple habits, we can breathe life into our space, creating a happy, balanced reflection of ourselves.

• Create Good Energy by Organizing

Organizing a space brings harmony to our home and mind. Some people think if they simply buy containers to organize the stuff, they’ll feel better. Here’s the thing, if you have to buy more stuff to organize stuff, you simply have too much stuff.

Most people become overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering their home, but it’s actually quite simple. Start slow, take it one room at a time, and ask yourself these questions:

Do I love this?
Do I use this?
If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?

Adopting a practical decluttering system eliminates stress and welcomes good energy.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Entry

Our entry should be fresh and orderly. Jackets and shoes should be placed in a closet or cabinet. Simply adding live plants instantly welcomes good energy. This gives our home an organic, flowing vibe. According to a study by NASA, adding air-purifying plants to our space reduces the number of harmful toxins by a whopping eighty-seven percent.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the space that nourishes us. It’s where we gather to prepare food and eat, so it should always be decluttered and sparkling clean. We should keep as much counter space clear as possible, limiting small appliances and any dirt/dust collectors.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place to gather and nurture relationships. There’s something about sharing time and food with those we love that is sheer magic. Optimizing the energy of our dining room might include hanging a photo collage next to the dining table and adding a centerpiece of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Living Room

The living room has a dual purpose: to relax and entertain. Whether we want to be restful or social, creating good energy in our living room requires furniture that is in proportion to the space, cuddle-worthy seating, textures, natural light, and zero clutter.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Bedroom

Our bedroom should promote a harmonious flow of peace and calm. Storing things under our bed or at the top of our closet creates stagnant energy. Out of sight is not out of mind. When revitalizing our bedroom, we should include fresh linens, essential oil diffusers, no more than three nightstand items, and ideally no electronics.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Wet Rooms

The bathroom and laundry room share a common purpose, to refresh. The most important way to create a beautiful bathroom or laundry room is to keep it uber-clean and stocked with essentials.

• Create Good Energy Within Your Workspace

Our workspace should reflect the energy we want to project to the world. When possible, open office windows to let the circulation and creativity flow. If open windows aren’t possible, adding an air purifier or Himalayan salt lamp gets the air flowing and glowing.

• Create Good Energy For Your Littles

Children’s rooms should reflect a healthy, safe, and loving environment. Contrary to popular belief, clutter in children’s rooms can be practically managed. Think organization systems like cubbies with baskets, air-purifying plants, essential oil diffusers, and imaginative artwork.

• Create Good Energy on Your Veranda

The veranda should be clean, comfortable, and inviting. Sweep, clear spider webs, and refresh outdoor cushions regularly. The invigorating energy of water features, plants, and wind chimes add to the harmony of the natural surroundings.

• Create Good Energy When Building a Home

The bones of a home are all about well-balanced, flowing materials. Homes built with exposure to natural light are linked to a more positive state of mental health. On the flip side, darker homes utilizing artificial lighting are linked to depression and poor quality of sleep. When designing a new home, every room should access plenty of happy, natural light.

In Gratitude…

I’m grateful you shared some time with me today, learning how to create good energy within your home. Be sure to check out the menu at the top of the page to access stimulating style inspiration, wellness tips, personal growth insight, thought-provoking books, powerful documentaries, and refreshing blog posts. ♡