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Simple feng shui is the secret to creating crazy blissful zen within your home. So, if the energy of your space needs some refreshing, read on to discover five uber-easy tips to get your abode’s good juju flowing.


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First of all, let’s define feng shui. [Fəŋ-ˈshwā] is the practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, the flow of positive energy, and ultimately good fortune. Seems like a bunch of woo-woo? Focus on the most noteworthy words: harmony, balance, and good fortune… all super good juju. And who doesn’t need more of that? So, let’s dive in and get our OM on with these five simple feng shui tips that will turn your ho-hum home into a refreshing retreat.


Step 1  ✧  Simple Feng Shui

Your entry is everything.

For starters, the easiest way to create a welcoming entrance is to place a clean welcome mat flanked by live potted plants or trees on each side of the door. Additionally, the direction your front door faces will determine which color it should be painted. If this seems like a bunch of hullabaloo, I promise it makes a huge aesthetic difference. These are the coordinated directional door colors you should consequently use.

South:  Red, Orange

North:  Black, Blue, Grey

East:  Black, Brown, Blue, Green

West:  Grey, Yellow


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Step 2  ✧  Simple Feng Shui

Bring nature inside.

Especially relevant is the continued flow of energy inside your home. This can be obtained with low maintenance botanicals. I know, it’s tough enough keeping your children alive, however, adding a few low maintenance succulents to your home will stir up stale chi (natural energy) and add instant positive energy. While live plants help clean the air, fake plants do the exact opposite. Faux plants and dried flowers are nothing but dust collectors. If you do nothing else today, kick those fake plants to the curb.


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Step 3  ✧  Simple Feng Shui

Cha-ching the kitchen.

The next feng shui step teaches that by displaying fresh fruit and flowers in your gathering space, the heart of your home,  you will recharge your health and wealth.  Therefore, keeping a bowl of fresh clementines as your centerpiece will not only look great, it will keep you on top of your health diet game. You could also use fresh lemons and grab as needed to add slices to your water. Seems like a feng shui win-win to me.


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Step 4  ✧  Simple Feng Shui

Your bedroom is a sanctuary.

Because a sanctuary includes zero clutter, the only pieces you need in your bedroom are a bed, nightstands, lamps, and a dresser and/or chest. Storing items beneath your bed is a no-no because it creates stagnant chi (natural energy) and is a breeding ground for dust mites. In addition, displaying only photos of you and your partner in your boudoir creates a much stronger romantic vibe. The biggest feng shui mistake in the bedroom? Exercise equipment. Maybe you could think of a better form of exercise for this particular space. Can I get a bow-chicka-wow-wow?

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Step 5  ✧  Simple Feng Shui

Honor your family.

The best way to tell your family’s story is to display photos of them. Rather than purchasing expensive art, spend a Sunday with the fam’ thumbing through photos. Select your favorites and find nice frames to create a gallery wall. Your living and dining rooms are perfect venues to show off your offspring and generational black and whites. And they make the perfect conversation pieces during social gatherings.


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In conclusion, feng shui isn’t all about crystals and woo-woo, rather, it’s about honoring your space and the precious people and pieces within it. As a result of simplifying the spaces with your home, you’ll be thrilled to see how much more harmonious your life will become. This creates a much calmer environment for you, your partner, and your children, one that opens the door to an abundantly thriving lifestyle.

If you have questions, suggestions, or good juju to share, please feel free to click the comment button at the top of this post.


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